“Laugh and say I’m green,
I’ve seen things you’ve never seen.”
– The Who
Talk about refreshing

Talk about refreshing

Kudos to Coca-Cola that announced plans last week to deploy a fleet of 142 hybrid delivery trucks on the road in the coming months. The trucks, which cost an extra $35,000 on top of the usual $50,000 price tag, lower fuel consumption by about 37 percent and emissions by about 32 percent. The first green delivery trucks are hitting the road now.

While incurring extra costs during a recession can be a questionable business strategy, this investment is a BGO for Coke. Even if some consumers may be getting a little green around the gills about corporate America “going green,” the fact is: (1) this is the right thing to do, and (2) many consumers in Coke’s current and emerging markets — especially Gen Ys and their younger siblings — factor a company’s environmental actions into their buying decisions. So this is really a no-brainer for the company and its shareholders. Sustainable business practices that speak to customers are smart public relations and smart marketing, indeed.

So raise your glass, can or bottle in salute to Coca-Cola — and let’s hope Pepsi and the rest of the beverage industry follows suit soon.

Now if they would just do something about the high-fructose corn syrup . . .