While ManCrunch and GoDaddy most certainly are reveling in the furor that has erupted over these CBS-rejected ads (and the thousands upon thousands of Web views via Twitter, FF, FB, YouTube and the rest), the fact is CBS is standing on exceptionally thin ice in rejecting them. Given the abortion ad it accepted and the sophomoric ads that regularly air during the Super Bowl (think GoDaddy’s courtroom ad, Bud Light’s punches to the groin and guys in chairs getting thrown out of windows not to mention the Snickers ad cited in this post), CBS has some moxie rejecting these.

Perhaps Arlo Guthrie put it best in the seminal “Alice’s Restaurant” when he recounted the tale of standing up to the draft officer who ordered him to sit on the “Group W” bench:

“Sargeant, you got a lot of damn gall. I mean, I mean, I’m sitting here, I’m sitting here on the Group W bench, because you want to know if I’m moral enough to join the Army, burn women, huts, children and villages after being a litterbug.”

CBS, you’ve got a lot of damn gall . . .

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